school programs
"Chris has that rare talent of being able to enthusiastically engage the interest of a large crowd of third and fourth grade students...and with good reason. His marionettes were wonderful, but it was Chris himself who brought them to life. His interaction with the students was personal, interested, and patient. I would be delighted to offer a reference. Some photos of our literary event, the annual camp in, are now available on the school web page, and you can see Chris on our stage."

Mrs. Betty Picone, Librarian
Fredon Township School
Newton, NJ 07860

Besides creating marionettes for others, I make my own "cast of characters" available for interactive school programs ("Hands-on" is how I invite students to experience the magic of making marionettes do what they are intended to do... MOVE!)

I have unique programs tailored to very young students (K-2), grades 3 through 5, and middle school students as well.

Whether it's role-playing, play-writing, dancing to music... my marionettes are up to whatever you and your students can envision.

Please contact me about what your students and my marionettes might accomplish together!

Chris Kluge
35 West End Ave.
Newton, NJ 07860